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It is mandatory to wear good quality ankle-high hiking boots and carry an electric torch with alkaline batteries.
For a pleasant and comfortable hiking experience we suggest to carry a backpack, fleece/sweater, wind jacket, shorts (for the climb) and long pants (for the descent in the sand), 1-2 extra t-shirts, a bandana/scarf (to cover nose and mouth against dust), 1-2 litres of water (depending on the season), a sandwich and snacks (chocolate, nuts, fruit).
An obligatory helmet is provided free of charge.

You can rent the necessary equipment directly to Stromboli at our volcanological guides.

Yes. Please contact us for a quote.
In that case you can choose to change itinerary, move the excursion to another day, or to be reimbursed for the specific trip.
Yes, all of our boats for private excursions you can take a shower with fresh water.
Yes. Please contact us for a quote.
The tours depart from the port of Marina Corta Lipari. We make sailings from other islands only on exclusive request.
Of course, all of our boats there are life jackets for both children and adults. All passengers of our boats are also covered by insurance.
Sure, it’s a service that often we organize especially at parties and disco nights.


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