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Seven islands for a holiday adventure in a world lost in time where in intimate conversation with nature will live to explore the countless beaches, coves, caves, cliffs, to which is added an incomparable variety and riches of the seabed. Easily accessible through our links and memorable excursions and exciting for families, groups, schools, oratories and cruise passengers. Our trips are the best way to have a global view of the islands and relaxing with stops in the village. Our strengths and to take on board a small number of people in accordance with the comfort and entertainment!

The day boat will spend between swimming and snorkelling in the most beautiful coves and hardly described in the usual tourist itineraries! On board you will find at your disposal every kind of comfort and fun in our organizational experience, and you can rest and relax with the confidence to enjoy a wonderful journey at sea.





We are waiting to transform your holiday in moments of absolute fun, to discover the most beautiful places with our excursions.










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Why choose Arianna Excursions?

Our GITE are the best way to have a global view of the Islands in relax and with stops in the village.

The best way to enjoy the Aeolian?

A boat all to yourself, with a sailor who gets you where you want..

A lot of the services offered to you who come to visit us:
– We organize the climb to the crater of Stromboli with volcanological guides authorized;
– We organize daily boat trips to all the Islands in which, among the facilities on board, we will enjoy an aperitif with local Malvasia and biscuits typical.
– Carry out transfers to night clubs and / or just to dine in the Friendly Islands.
– We are available for bookings and special itineraries according to your requests, organizing also on board banquets typical local food (salads Aeolian cold dishes etc …)
– We allow our guests to easily visit the neighboring islands by offering them the best way to explore the waters and shores that surround it, where you can combine relaxation and adventure unforgettable experience making the day boating.

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Climbing Stromboli

Scalata allo Stromboli Information about Climbing Stromboli. ... Climb on Stromboli. EXCURSIONS TO the crater of Stromboli (918 m). POSSIBILITY OF JOURNEY.



Our trips are the best way to have a global view of the islands and relaxing with stops in the village.

Vulcano Tour
Departing from Marina Corta cruising along the east side of Lipari, you will be able to admire the bungalows from the early French Settlement era and the wonderful Faraglioni, until we reach Vulcanello. Cruisinf along Vulocano’s coastline, we will arrive at the beatiful coves which are only reachable by boat,here you will be able to take a swim in these remarkable crystal clear waters. Cruising on the coast, we will reach the Horse Caves (Grotta del Cavallo) and the wonderful natural Pool of Venusn (Piscine di Venere), to take a relaxing bath in the waters off. Our next stop is the Abate Caves ( Grotta Abate) where you can either go for a dive or snorkel to admire the breathtaking water depths. We will then proceed cruising the small village of Gelso and the Donkey Bay (Baia Degli Asini) up to reach the village where we will stop three hours. Here you can have lunch, making the climb to the crater, visit the village or take the opportunity to have a thermal mud bath end go to the beaches characteristics and swim. Departing from Vulcano, we will head back to Lipari where there will be a final stop for a swim and an opportunity to taste “Malvasia” which is a typical local sweet wine to end a beautiful day with a touch of local delicacy.
The cost of the excursion is € 25 per person, departing at 10:00 and return at 17:00.
Lipari – Salina
Departing from Marina Corta we will cruise along Monte Rosa and the village of Canneto until we reach “White Beach”- from this stop you can admire the old Pumice industrial estate and quarries either from the boat or from the water by taking a relaxing swim. Continuing on our journey, we will cruise past the Osbsidian Flow and the village of Acquacalda before heading to the island of Salina you will have an opportunity to take a swim in the beautiful waters of Capofaro. Our next stop is Pollara Bay, made famous by the film “Il Postino” by Massimo Troisi in the island of Salina, you will have an opportunity for an amazing swim. We will then proceed to the port of Lingua where we will stop for a 2 hour lunch. You can visit the Salt Lake and you can taste the local specialities, “U Pani Cunzatu” or the famous granite. After lunch we will head back to Lipari taking the west coast of the island of Lipari, famous for its steep cliffs overlooking the sea and its rainbows colours. We will stop for a highly recommrnded swim in these very pristine waters. Our next stop is at the Valle I Muria Bay where there is more opportunity for further swim. Upon the return to the port of Lipari you will be able to admire the grandeur of the Faraglioni with a final swim at the Vinci Bay followed by a tasting of the typical local sweet winw “Malvasia”.
The cost of the excursion is € 35 per person, departing at 10:00 and return at 17:00
Panarea – Stromboli
Departing from Marina Corta, we will travel along Monte Rosa, heading towards the island of Panarea. On arrival we will stop at the beautiful Cave of Calajunco for a long relaxing swim followed by a visit to Cala Zimmari, Capre Milazzese and its pre-historic village. We will visit the Lovers Cave (Grotta degli innamorati) and then we will head towards the port at Panarea,here we will stop for lunch and you will have an opportunity to stroll along Panarea’s elegant streeets. After lunch, we will continue the cruise along Panarea scenic coast-line and will be able to see Ginostra. We will be heading towards the port at Stromboli, where you will have the opportunity to dine and stroll the streets of Stromboli. At sunset we will depart to see Strombolicchio a huge rock in the shape of a medieval castle,we will stop under the Sciara of Fire (Scira del Fuoco) with a glass of Malvasia and typical local biscuits offered by the captain to enjoy the amazing spectacular eruptions provided by this magnificent active volcano.
The cost of the excursion is  € 45 per person, departing 12:00 am and return at 22:30.


Climbing the crater of Stromboli
Starting from Lipari will direct the island of Panarea,where, after visiting the Bay Calajunco we will stop to visit the village and have lunch. Broken down, after skirting the islets and admired the phenomenon of the sea that bubbles, we will make rout toward Stromboli where our staff will accompany you to tha meeting of the guides. Three hours of walking to reach the top will be gratified by the spectacular eruptions of the volcano. The pause lasts an hour and after two hours of descent we return to Lipari.
The cost of the excursion is € 55  per person ( € 25 for the volcanological guide + € 5 ticketthey must be paid on the spot)   at 12:00 and return at 23:30.
Filicudi – Alicudi
Departing Lipari we will be heading towards the island of Filicudi. On the way there you will see the Faraglioni and the beautiful and green island of Salina. Upon reaching the island of Filicudi, we will travel along its coastline until we reach the Bue Marina Grotta (Grotta del Bue Marino) where you will have the opportunity of immersing yourself in an unforgettable swim. Our next stop we will be heading to see the cliffs and small islan faraglioni which are adjacent to the island: Montenassari,Giafante and La Canna. Arriving at Filicudi’s port, we will have a stop and you can visit the pre-historic village of Capo Graziano. In the Early afternoon after visiting the ancient milling wheels in Alicudi, the island least populated in the Aeolian Archipelago and unspoilt by tourism, you will have a change to stroll along the island bridleway taking you back in time followed by a must refreshing swim in the pristine waters of Alicudi.
The cost of the excursion is  € 50 per person, departing at 9:30 am and return at 18:30.

Aeolian Vacation Package – Choose the offer that best suits your needs!

Arianna Escursioni’s an endless source of emotions and enjoyment. Have you chose to give you every day a new adventure to discover the picturesque and valuable Aeolian Islands? What are you waiting for? BOOK NOW, WITH OUR ADVANTAGEOUS OFFERS, YOU’LL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE MONEY WITHOUT TO FORGO SOMETHING. Our experience, has allowed us to create a right mix between saving and relax. So, now you can BOOK EASILY FROM YOUR HOME, GETTING A GREAT SAVING, AVOIDING THE QUEUE IN THE AGENCY AND THE RISK OF ” SOLD OUT “. Take advantage, of our vacation packages, BOOKED JUST ON-LINE. We’ ll be happy to make you live a dream, immersed on the Nature Eoliana’s heart. So, you can’t miss the opportunity to discover all our proposals dedicated to your vacation; you’ ll find your perfect proposal.

7 islands in 4 days: € 135 per pax
Panarea – Stromboli

6 islands in 3 Days: € 115 per pax

5 Islands in 3 days: € 90 per pax

7 islands in 4 days: € 145 per person ( € 25 for the volcanological guide + € 5 ticketthey must be paid on the spot)
Panarea – Stromboli with climb to the crater
Filicudi – Alicudi
Lipari – Salina

6 islands in 3 Days: € 125 per person ( € 25 for the volcanological guide + € 5 ticketthey must be paid on the spot)
Panarea – Stromboli with climb to the crater
Filicudi – Alicudi
Lipari – Salina

5 Islands in 3 days: 100 per person (€ 25 for the volcanological guide + € 5 ticketthey must be paid on the spot)
Panarea – Stromboli with climb to the crater
Lipari – Salina

Aeolian Vacation Package


Boat rental in Lipari – Aeolian islands

Arianna excursions have a 'expanding fleet of ever new rubber dinghies and boats, safety and attention to detail to make you visit in comfort, fabulous bays and locations of the Aeolian archipelago.



Features rubber Wave 19

Length 5.80, sundeck aft, prow, awning, central consoll, roll bar with navigation lights, platforms at the stern with ladder lifts, shower, 2 tanks of gasoline capacity ‘tot. 60 lt.
motor mercury 40/60 hp 4-stroke, hourly consumption 10/12 lt. timetables.


Click here for information and reservations or call 3383396458 (Dario)



On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you can not find the full answer please do not hesitate to contact us at 3383396458

Here you can find the answers to all the most frequently asked questions about our services. And if you just have some doubts, please contact us.

It is mandatory to wear good quality ankle-high hiking boots and carry an electric torch with alkaline batteries.
For a pleasant and comfortable hiking experience we suggest to carry a backpack, fleece/sweater, wind jacket, shorts (for the climb) and long pants (for the descent in the sand), 1-2 extra t-shirts, a bandana/scarf (to cover nose and mouth against dust), 1-2 litres of water (depending on the season), a sandwich and snacks (chocolate, nuts, fruit).
An obligatory helmet is provided free of charge.

You can rent the necessary equipment directly to Stromboli at our volcanological guides.

Yes. Please contact us for a quote.
In that case you can choose to change itinerary, move the excursion to another day, or to be reimbursed for the specific trip.
Yes, all of our boats for private excursions you can take a shower with fresh water.
Yes. Please contact us for a quote.
The tours depart from the port of Marina Corta Lipari. We make sailings from other islands only on exclusive request.
Of course, all of our boats there are life jackets for both children and adults. All passengers of our boats are also covered by insurance.
Sure, it’s a service that often we organize especially at parties and disco nights.




Here is the photo gallery of our boat trips to the Aeolian

Isola di Stromboli – Eruzione
isola di Salina
Salina – Pollara
Eolie:  Stromboli
Eolie: una giornata in barca
Lipari – i Faraglioni
Arianna Escursioni
Arianna Escursioni
Arianna Escursioni
Arianna Escursioni
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B&B by Favorito Concetta Lipari

Just a few hundred meters from the port and much less the beautiful Old Town "Corso Vittorio Emanuele", with its medieval mark enriched by Baroque along the way (like say, another chapter of history that is the Sicilian hinterland), there is a place in Lipari, in the enchanting scenery of the Aeolian Islands, where the sea meets the people.

Here they call “Above The Earth”, as if wanting to mean that it is a place of the soul: it is the ancient Marina di Lipari, the village inhabited by fishermen, people of the sea gives you every day. Right here it is a particularly congenial place to hear the soul of these places, a house to meditate before and after “wandering” that we would like to take out and inside of us.
It’s called “B & B favorite Concetta”. in this wonderful place, getting lost in the narrow streets Delalo that a decade ago, talented foreign artists gathered in a quiet square, sunny, surrounded by a thousand colors, in perfect Aeolian style and fell in love with a few clever touches of the brush l ‘they have transformed the wonder it is today “Square of Arts and Crafts” known by all as “Square of murals” frescoes on the walls of houses which “tell” the daily pace of those who live here.
In the “B & B Favorito Concetta” you will stay in a comfortable and cool ground floor apartment consists of a ‘large room with double bed and single bed, kitchenette and refrigerator. The bathroom is comfortable, with large shower. The first floor apartment, which is also very cool and bright, has two bedrooms, one with double bed and balcony, the other with two single beds and a large window. The kitchen is very large with fridge and a balcony, the bathroom is comfortable and also equipped with large shower.


B&B Lipari

B&B Lipari

B&B di Favorito Concetta a Lipari

Our hospitality and the wonder of this place in perfect Aeolian style in the heart of Lipari will ensure that touch of magic that will make your holiday unforgettable!

Info and reservations mob.: +393389051082


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